Thank you from LexAble & Build Africa

Posted by on 8th September 2015

I want to let you know about one of the fantastic knock-on effects your work is having.

As you may be aware, every time you recommend Global AutoCorrect, we donate £1 to schools in Africa. And as more people like you have been recommending Global AutoCorrect, we’ve been able to fund larger and larger projects.

Thanks to you, LexAble has now committed to fund a 3-year project through Build Africa, to train and empower the teachers at Nyabigoma Primary School in Uganda. The project will:

  • Improve the quality of teaching
  • Help the children to feel happy and supported at school
  • Increase the number of children going to, staying in, and finishing primary school

Children with thumbs up
The photo above is of some of the children at Nyabigoma Primary School.

If you’d like to find out more about Build Africa and the amazing work they do, please visit:

Once again, thank you so very much.

Neil & the team at LexAble.