Staff Member: Neil Cottrell

Neil created the original Global AutoCorrect. He began developing the software at the age of fifteen, due to his own frustration with having to constantly correct his spelling mistakes and typos. After graduating from Cardiff University in 2009, Neil set up the company. By November, LexAble had begun trading.

Neil’s day is really varied. He can be found hashing out problems on the whiteboard with the team, or heading to a conference to speak about his own experience of dyslexia, and the strategies he uses to become successful. Neil is also a member of the British Dyslexia Association’s New Technologies Committee and is Entrepreneur in Residence at Cardiff University.

Neil’s favourite thing about his job is when he receives emails from our customers saying how great our product is. This makes all the work worthwhile.

When Neil isn’t working, he plays the French horn at concerts with his wind band.  He also really enjoys getting out and about for a walk – it’s when he comes up with his best ideas!


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