Profiting from Dyslexia: an interview with Neil Cottrell, LexAble’s Director

Posted by on 15th November 2012

LexAble’s Director, Neil Cottrell, was recently interviewed by John Lamb at Ability Magazine, a popular assistive technology publication. The full article can be found here, and below is a short segment from the interview:

It was after completing a psychology degree at Cardiff University in 2007 that Cottrell decided to build a business out of his spelling correction program. He got together £6,000 to start his company, LexAble.

“I am an entrepreneurial person. My main drive was that Global AutoCorrect had really helped me in my studies and I wanted other people to share it.”

Although Cottrell wrote the software initially, he now has a team of five people working with him in Wales developing the product.

“We spend an awful lot of time ensuring that customers have millions of auto corrections available to them. Global AutoCorrect works particularly well with longer words.”

In the early days, he explains, he and his colleagues had to work hard to tell people about the software. “Then it got to the point that when I picked up the phone people knew about Global AutoCorrect before I started talking about it.”

You can read the interview in full on the Ability Magazine website.