Customer Stories

Global Tasks is supporting many people at university and the workplace, take a look at what they’re saying:

“Global Tasks has made a real difference to my student!”

“I have successfully recommended Global Tasks to many of my students. One of my most rewarding cases was a student with co-occurring dyslexia and ADHD who used to struggle with task management and prioritisation, but also fundamental activities, like eating. With the help of their tutor and Global Tasks, they can now plan, organise and prioritise their activities. The structure and support that Global Tasks gives the student is making a real difference in their life.”
Needs assessor, Wales

“The app complements the work we do in study sessions.”

Global Tasks is easy to use and always available on the student’s phone. The app complements the work we do in study sessions by helping students to identify, plan and organise their workload. In addition to providing support and reassurance to students with anxiety, MH concerns or SpLDs, the app also helps to promote independent learning. 

Specialist 1-2-1 Study Skills Tutor, SpLDs

Global Tasks keeps it very simple!

“I’ve been using Global Tasks for 6 months now, I think it’s great to the point where I can’t really organise myself or operate well without it. I use it for everything because I haven’t got a memory and I’m terrible at organising and it’s just there. Global Tasks keeps it very simple and it suits me down to the ground, that means I use it and that means it’s useful.”

Ben Holmes, workplace user, England

Global AutoCorrect levels the playing field

“Global AutoCorrect is a very useful tool that helps level the playing field for individuals who struggle with spelling.”

Alastair Veal, Assistive Technology Adviser, Brunel University

Simple to use

“Global AutoCorrect is unobtrusive, yet very effective and simple to use.”

Sharon Edwards, Needs Assessor

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