LexAble’s Director interviewed for Cardiff Life Magazine

Posted by on 27th March 2013

This interview originally appeared in February’s issue of Cardiff Life Magazine. Thank you to Neil Cocker, our interviewer, for his kind permission to reproduce this interview on our site.

In this month’s Q&A, Neil Cocker talks to Neil Cottrell of Cardiff startup LexAble, the creator of Global AutoCorrect, a unique software tool for people with dyslexia and literacy issues.

Q: What does your start-up do?
A: Global AutoCorrect helps our users to focus on what they’re writing by automatically (and accurately) correcting their spelling as they type in any program. by minimising the distraction of spell-checking, our users can focus on getting the job done.

Q: What makes LexAble special?
A:our product is unique because you don’t have to change the way you work; it runs in the background alongside the software you’re already using. We understand the importance of accuracy when writing, so we spend a great deal of time ensuring that Global autoCorrect never makes a false correction!

Q: What made you realise you had to build this company?
A: Global autoCorrect was born as a personal coping strategy to help with my own spelling difficulties, but after starting university I realised that it had the potential to help others.

Q: How’s business at the moment?
A: We’ve had a great year – Global AutoCorrect now has a dedicated team of developers and we’ve also acquired three more staff members to help grow our customer base.

Q: Where would you like LexAble to be in five years’ time?
A: Right now, our most important goal is to make Global autoCorrect the best product it can be and bring our technology to a wide range of platforms. but we’re constantly looking for new, innovative ways to help our users save time and get more done!

You can find out more about Neil and his story on his about page. You can also view the latest edition of Cardiff Life Magazine on the Media Clash website.