Mental Health

Global AutoCorrect helps students with mental health issues

Over the last few years, Global AutoCorrect has grown from supporting dyslexic students who struggle with spelling, to also helping people living with mental health issues.

Here’s why:

  • Self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-talk

Red underlines and errors need extra resilience and can feed into negative self-talk. By removing them, the experience of writing is more positive.

  • Difficulty concentrating or easily distracted

Global AutoCorrect reduces the distractions of errors and red underlines, so the student can focus without interruptions.

  • Racing thoughts

These can create additional spelling and typing errors and increase stress. Global AutoCorrect cuts down the ‘noise’ of new information.

  • Difficulty thinking and writing clearly

Global AutoCorrect frees up the student’s working memory to focus on the content and direction of their work.

  • Making decisions

Manual spell checking requires lots of small decisions, which Global AutoCorrect reduces.

  • Side effects of medication

Medication can make simple things (like recalling everyday spellings) difficult. Global Autocorrect removes that problem, and corrects them automatically in the background.

What are Needs Assessors saying about Global AutoCorrect and mental health?

“I’ve recommended GAC a lot, particularly for students with anxiety. The recommendation has been around distractions caused by spelling mistakes and the resulting increase in anxiety, with potential loss of motivation, train of thought and confidence. I’ve also recommended for students with depression to support productivity when motivation and energy levels are low.”

“I’ve just seen a student who has both dyspraxia and mental health diagnoses. She does not have an issue with spelling whatsoever, but due to both conditions she can lose her train of thought quickly. I asked about the ‘red lines’ in Word, and she said she needed to correct them as soon as they appeared. This often causes her to lose her train of thought, so she’s unable to complete the sentence she was writing – all because of a simple typing error. The student was particularly impressed at how it corrected errors which Word doesn’t. She also felt she could improve her work efficiency by not having to re-do so many sentences, due to losing her train of thought. We often recommend Global AutoCorrect to students with mental health conditions, mainly for the reasons above, but primarily to enable them to work effectively when their mental health / medication / OCD can cause them to focus on the errors rather than the work at hand.”

If you want to learn more about how Global AutoCorrect works, or how our task management solution, Global Tasks can also support students with mental health difficulties – book a demonstration today.