DSA Information

Global AutoCorrect is a discreet and intuitive software tool for students with dyslexia and literacy difficulties. The software automatically corrects spelling in any program, allowing the
student to focus on the creative process of writing.

Free Training and Accreditation

LexAble offers free training sessions and CPD accreditation for Global AutoCorrect to assessors, trainers, practitioners and any staff who would benefit.

This consists of:

  • 45 minute presentation and demonstration.
  • Comprehensive DSA information pack.
  • A short questionnaire.
  • CPD accreditation certificate.
  • Asssessment/training centre copy of Global AutoCorrect.

Attendees will also receive a preview of Global AutoCorrect for Mac.

Remote training and accreditation is also available.

Download the DSA Information Leaflet

Get In Touch

For more information, please contact us at the details below:

Email: Training@LexAble.com | Mobile: 07766 233908 | Freephone: 0800 458 1922

Alternatively, please fill in the form below:

    Thank you very much for coming to our assessor training day. I know many assessors were impressed with the software, and even the ones who are familiar with the product managed to take away something new.

    Teena Bowes
    Assistive Software Trainer, Oxford Access Centre

    I found Bob to be a great source of information on the whole trainer practice and of course the software. Surprisingly Bob showed me some items I never knew existed, which I can now pass on to my students too.

    Paul Harrison
    Owner, MYindServe

    As an assessor I have recommended this software. Being dyslexic I have started to rely on this software more and more as it works so seamlessly in the background yet is readily available when I need it most.

    Julian Hargrave-Wright
    Needs Assessor

    Global AutoCorrect is unobtrusive and yet very effective and simple to use.

    Sharon Edwards
    Needs Assessor