Assessor Recommendation Guide

We’ve created a handy guide to help you recommend Global AutoCorrect.

Key benefits of using Global AutoCorrect


  • Removes the distraction of spelling mistakes
    Students with dyslexia and/or mental health issues may retype, pause or correct their spelling while typing – often without even realising it.
  • Improves the student’s performance when writing
    Research shows that Global AutoCorrect increases dyslexic students’ writing performance by reducing working memory demands.

This graph shows that using Global AutoCorrect improved dyslexic people’s information recall by 18%, bringing them in line with their non-dyslexic peers. Read the full research paper.

Reference: Hiscox, Lucy, Leonaviciute, Erika and Humby, Trevor 2014. The effects of automatic spelling correction software on understanding and comprehension in compensated dyslexia: improved recall following dictation. Dyslexia 20 (3) , pp. 208-224. 10.1002/dys.1480

  • Reduces the distraction of errors and red underlines
    Students with mental health issues can find it difficult to concentrate and may be easily distracted by red underlines.
  • Enables students to use their full vocabulary
    Dyslexic students often downgrade their written language to words they’re certain how to spell, often subconsciously.
  • Frees up the student’s working memory to focus on the content of their work.
    Students with dyslexia/mental health issues can have difficulty thinking and writing clearly. Racing thoughts may also create additional spelling and typing errors.
  • Boosts confidence, self-esteem and reduces negative self-talk
    Red underlines and errors are extra things to be resilient against. They can also feed into negative self-talk. Working more quickly and effectively, the student can approach their work with more confidence.

Download the full guide here