Features and Benefits

Improves productivity

With automatic spelling correction you can reduce red underlines, spend less time spell-checking and focus on the creative process of writing.

Intelligent corrections

When you make a mistake, the software analyses the sound patterns in the word to understand what you're trying to spell. This intelligent correction happens instantly.

Add custom corrections

If the software's not quite sure what you meant, it won't just guess. Instead, you can pick the word you meant and it will be autocorrected in the future.

Works in all programs

No plugins or configuration needed - no matter which program you're using, Global AutoCorrect will automatically correct your spelling!

What people are saying about Global AutoCorrect

This is the best dyslexia product I have. It means I don't have to worry about writing and I can also check up on where I'm having problems. I'm just finishing my PhD thesis with it now!

Lyndsay Poore
PhD Student

Global AutoCorrect is a very useful tool that helps level the playing field for individuals who struggle with spelling.

Alastair Veal
Assistive Technology Adviser, Brunel University