Instant benefit for all employees

Increased efficiency

By reducing the time spent spell-checking, employees save time and work more effectively.

Improved quality of work

Global AutoCorrect enables employees to produce high quality, error-free documents.

Support employees with dyslexia

Global AutoCorrect provides additional productivity benefits to employees with dyslexia and literacy issues.


Features and Benefits

Accurate corrections

Global AutoCorrect uses intelligent algorithms and vetted databases to ensure that it makes the right correction.

Global compatibility

Global AutoCorrect will correct spelling in any program, even specialist or in-house software. No configuration needed.

Easy to use

Employees don't need to change the way they work - Global AutoCorrect runs silently in the background.

Custom corrections

Many mistakes are corrected automatically, but users can add their own global, automatic corrections as needed.

What people are saying about Global AutoCorrect

Global AutoCorrect works so well that you don't even notice it's there. It saves me time whilst providing me with confidence in the quality and accuracy of my work.

Tony Howells
Senior Policy Advisor, Department for Business, Innovation & Skills

Global AutoCorrect is a very useful tool that helps level the playing field for individuals who struggle with spelling.

Alastair Veal
Assistive Technology Adviser, Brunel University