Global AutoCorrect V2.2.0.2 released

Posted by on 11th March 2013

Today (March 11th) we have released the latest version of Global AutoCorrect, version This is available as an update for all users and is also included in the free trial and paid versions of our software, when downloaded from our website.

Here are the issues and features that this update addresses:

  • In Windows 8, you can now add a correction when using a Metro application. This means that Global AutoCorrect is now fully compatible with Windows 8!
  • A previous update had introduced a minor conflict with Microsoft OneNote ® – we have now released a partial fix for this problem and will be looking into a full solution in the near future.
  • Some additional common place names will now be auto-capitalised.
  • We have also released a minor update to the AutoCorrect list, and over the next few weeks we will be improving our database so corrections can be added more frequently.

For most users this update will be installed automatically in the next few days, but you can trigger it manually by right clicking on the globe icon globe_tiny in your taskbar, then selecting Options > Advanced > Update Now.

If you have any feedback on this update, you can get in touch via Twitter, Facebook or via our website; we’d love to hear from you!