Global AutoCorrect: Quietly doing its thing

Posted by on 24th June 2020

With a quick press of Ctrl+Shift+G to call up a long list of corrections, Bob managed to convert one disappointed Assessor (who thought Global AutoCorrect wasn’t working properly) back into an enthusiast!

That same Assessor now instantly recommends Global AutoCorrect to any students with dyslexia or mental health issues that affect their writing ability.

Remember Dr Humby’s research? 

The dyslexic students in that independent study didn’t need to actively use Global AutoCorrect. They didn’t have any training, and they weren’t allowed to add their own autocorrections. And yet Global Autocorrect still improved their writing performance by 18%!

Want to see the amends Global AutoCorrect has made for you? Just press:

Ctrl + Shift + G 

Ctrl + Opt + Cmd + G on Mac

You see, Global AutoCorrect is designed to minimise disruption, allowing students to concentrate and their writing to flow without constant distractions.

So even if you can’t see the corrections happening, don’t worry – Global AutoCorrect’s always there, working away in the background!