Global AutoCorrect is now for PC and Mac

Posted by on 11th February 2016

We’ve made a change that should make things easier for some of you – anyone with Global AutoCorrect can now use their software on both PC and Mac.

What’s changed?

In the past, people had to choose whether they wanted Global AutoCorrect for PC or Mac. This disadvantaged people who used a combination of the two systems, or who were unsure about which system they would be provided with.

But now, anyone with Global AutoCorrect can use their licence on both PC and Mac. We’ve made this a free, retrospective upgrade for everyone. So as of now, anyone with a PC or Mac serial number can download and use either version of Global AutoCorrect.

What do I need to do?

You don’t need to do anything – if you recommend or train on Global AutoCorrect then you can just carry on as you’ve been doing.

If you haven’t seen him for a little while, though, drop Bob Preston a line. Bob runs our training and accreditation programme, and would be very happy to update your Global AutoCorrect accreditation. He’s available for remote sessions for individuals, or to visit your team in person. He’s sat here feeling lonely, dreaming of human contact, so please make his day and get in touch at or 07766 233 908.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Neil & the team at LexAble.