Global AutoCorrect 2 is here!

Posted by on 4th February 2012

We’re excited to announce that Global AutoCorrect 2 is available now!
Global AutoCorrect 2 is even better and easier to use than version 1. We spoke to our users to find out the features they wanted and how the product could be improved, and this is the result:

  1. Saving even more time, with intelligent, accurate AutoCorrections. We’ve been working with with leading experts in phonetic science to develop cutting-edge technology. When making a correction, Global AutoCorrect 2 now compares the typed word’s ‘relative phonetic distance‘ to all other words in the dictionary. All this magic happens in a fraction of a second as the user is typing, so for the user this means that even more of their spelling mistakes will be corrected. And we’ve worked extremely hard to make sure that Global AutoCorrect only ever makes a correction when it’s absolutely certain what the user meant.
  2. Simpler to add new entries, with new human pronunciation. When you want to add your own AutoCorrections, Global AutoCorrect 2 makes this process even easier with the inclusion of real human pronunciations for more than 68,000 words. We already have a dictionary, but we chose to add real voices because we’ve found that hearing each word correctly pronounced by a real person makes the process of adding corrections quicker and more accurate.

Global AutoCorrect wouldn’t be the product it is today without the feedback we get from all our wonderful customers, so to thank them we’ve decided to make Global AutoCorrect 2 a free, automatic upgrade!

You can download a trial version, or purchase it, straight from our website!

This new release is the product of extensive investment in research and development, and over the next few years we will be undertaking even more investment in order to continually improve the software, allowing us to improve the lives of many more people with dyslexia and literacy difficulties throughout the UK and worldwide. We’re continuing to work extremely hard to make Global AutoCorrect the best we possibly can for our users – easier to use, more effective and more intelligent. Watch this space; we can’t wait to show you what’s coming next!

Neil Cottrell