Date change for release of Global AutoCorrect for Mac.

Posted by on 21st November 2013

Important information about the progress of Global AutoCorrect for Mac:

We would like to keep you informed about the release of Global AutoCorrect for Mac. Regrettably, we have made the decision to postpone the release until February.  We’ve been working tirelessly to meet our 29th November release date, but we strongly believe that delaying the release is the best decision we could make for our customers at this point.

We want to let you know the reasons why we have made this decision; our main priority is providing the standard of product that we would like for our customers, and we will be in a much better position to do so in February.  To give you a little more detail, it’s taken us longer than expected to tackle the additional complexities of realising Global AutoCorrect’s functionality on a Mac.  For example, the way that the Mac operating system interacts with the keyboard has many more subtleties in comparison to Windows.  There have also been other unexpected issues specific to Global AutoCorrect for Mac.  These included the interactions with the Mac’s built-in hotkeys, the recent changes to the Mac operating system (Mavericks), and compatibility with other pieces of assistive software.  We have resolved all of these issues, but the resulting delay meant that we wouldn’t have been able to spend as much time as we would like on testing and fine-tuning the software, before our planned release date

For those of you involved with the DSA, you can continue to recommend AutoCorrect for Mac. Once released, all pre-orders will be sent out.  We are very sorry for the inconvenience this change may have caused you. If you would like to talk any of this through in greater detail, you are welcome to call us, and we will be happy to help.  Our number is 0800 458 1922.

All the best,

The LexAble Team.