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University of Glamorgan Graduate Sean Robinson joins LexAble as Lead Software Engineer

Posted by on 2nd August 2012

Just weeks after graduating from the University of Glamorgan, 26 year-old Sean Robinson, from Blackwood, has joined LexAble as a Lead Software Engineer.

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LexAble and Global AutoCorrect win Technology4Good Accessibility Award

Posted by on 8th July 2012

We're delighted to announce that LexAble and Global AutoCorrect are now the proud owners of the Technology4Good Accessibility Award 2012!

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Getting around my dyslexia: A personal evaluation of coping strategies

Posted by on 13th June 2012

Neil Cottrell, LexAble's Director and Founder, discusses the coping strategies and assistive technology that worked for him.

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Global AutoCorrect 2 is here!

Posted by on 4th February 2012

We're excited to announce that Global AutoCorrect 2 is available now! Global AutoCorrect 2 is even better and easier to use than version 1. We spoke to our users to find out the features they wanted and how the product could be improved.

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